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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday morning reading + viewing tips

Recommended reading in the New York Times (national edition) this morning and some viewing tips:
  • Peter Applebome, "Our Towns: How a Working Man's Money Went Into a Closet and Came Out of Fortune," NYT, 12/12/04, 33,
    • on the soon-to-be-auctioned-off currency collection of Malcolm A. Trask (1901-1889), New York subway motorman. The story includes a photo of a $10 note issued in 1878.
    • For more images of currency and coins, try the American Numismatics Association's Virtual Museum.
  • Timothy L. O'Brien and Larry Rohter, "The Pinochet Money Trail: A Dictator's Mysterious Cash at Riggs Bank," NYT, 12/12/04, Sec. 3, pp. 1, 12.
    • Of documentaries on multinationals, producer Larry Adelman's "Controlling Interest" (California Newsreel, 1978) is exceptional for the interviews that he conducted with MNC executives in the mid-1970s.

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