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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

In the "holy smokes" category

Wow. The Google-organized project to digitize library materials is breathtaking in its ambitions (NYT, 12/14/04, A1, C3; WSJ, 12/14/04, D1, 4). And what a boon for historians in search of primary sources, since only works on which copyrights have expired will be available in their entirety.

No appreciable snow in sight here in Madison, Wisconsin. This reminds me of Decembers when I was growing up on the farm in Minnesota and worried that we wouldn't have snow in time for Christmas. The temperature this morning reminded us with all the crystal clarity of a sunny-cold morning (11.4 F--"bitter cold" in NY/NJ televison parlance) just how spoiled we've been so far this fall.

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