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Friday, December 10, 2004


How twenty-first century! The most interesting aspects of this cross-border, cross-culture deal are the ongoing entanglements: IBM will reportedly buy 20% of Lenovo, while Lenovo will buy "world-wide service and warranty work" from IBM (on the latter point: WSJ, 12/10/04, B4). Sounds more like a joint venture than a sale.

Most interesting story I've read about the IBM-Lenovo deal: Yale computer science Prof. David Gelernter's column in the Wall Street Journal this morning: "How to Build a Better PC? Don't Give Up." (WSJ, 12/9/04, A16) His basic point: other pathbreaking technologies (automobiles, airplanes) underwent transformations when they were as old or older than the PC, and the PC could, too. I'd love to have all of the (mainly software based) features he envisions, especially the email "acknowledge" function.

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