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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

"The Evolution of Manufacturing"

From the email list comes the following. Compare the earliest piece--Henry Ford's 1909 article on "System"--with the NYT article on Dell the other day (see my post on "flexible mass production"):
[Forwarded from AIB-L, a list for the Academy of International Business. Note that the format of this sponsored archive, in which the company selects the articles with which it wishes to be associated, is itself an interesting development. The focus on narratives of technological progress is hardly surprising; others may wish to comment on the specific articles that have been reproduced. Also, from a practical perspective, H-Business members may wish to store soft copies of some of the articles for future use. - ed.]

For those interested in a historical perspective on manufacturing operations in the U.S., there is a collection of original New York Times articles that is being made freely available online for a limited time. The collection consists of 12 articles published between 1909 and 2000. The archive is sponsored by PeopleSoft, and it is not apparent how long it will be available. The articles can be accessed from a link in the Business section of or with the direct link shown below.

The Evolution of Manufacturing
David A. Kirsch
Co-editor, H-Business

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